Fruits SDGs Station


Fruits SDGs Station is the second project of the company by the same name made because of the demand to redesign the NFT product marketplace. It encompasses the idea of helping developing countries through direct cryptocurrency contributions. The usage of a blockchain gives a new perspective to the whole charity process. For this, we redesigned the product based on special tokens created on its own blockchain; this will also open the opportunity for future collaboration with developers.

Our approach:

    We started our project by defining its key features and possibilities of using a market based on blockchain as its core technology. Then we studied the demands of the target audience and made the prototypes.

    Extra attention was dedicated to the product style and color palette choice, and we also decided to integrate it with trilateral applications. After changing and adjusting the first version of the project, as well as fixing some minor details, the final product was presented to the audience.

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The solution:

The second product of the company was not only created according to high standards of quality but is also dedicated to the idea of helping those in need. The main task for us was to redesign the website dealing with NFT, but it required more than just changing the look of it.

A lot of decisions were made in the design process, starting with the image and colors and ending with functions allowing the integration of the project with trilateral applications. As a result, we got a product that is both convenient and carries noble ideas of the charity.

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