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Project overview

    Mobile is available as a Web version and as an Android application.
    Web version is for managers who register carriers and their trucks, it has such options as:

    • add or delete user
    • open access for a user
    • change users’ personal information
    • displaying a car on the map with the name of the carrier and the car number, including the grouping of several cars in 1 pin, depending on the scale of the map.

    Web application allows to manage every aspect of the logistics process via laptop.

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Mobile application

Android application is for carriers and truck drivers. Functionality of this version is:
– application form for registration
– application form for changing personal information
– GPS tracker (only for drivers)
– map, where all the trucks movement is shown in real time
Carrier also has a filter by order number and can see all the cars working for this order at the moment.
Carrier can press the pin of the truck and see the additional information about particular car. When the map is scaled down, all the pins are compressed into one, indicating the number of cars in it.
Mobile allows carrier to see the trucks movement in progress and manage all his working process using just a smartphone.

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Web design

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  • User Management

    Registration in the system is available only after confirmation by the administrator. You can manage registration requests and current users on the same page.

  • Vehicle monitoring

    All active shipments can be tracked in real time on an interactive map, filtering them by different statuses.

  • Types of accounts

    Within the system, you can create both an individual user and a company account with several drivers and detailed information on them.

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