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Pawnshops’ operational system began to hinder the business activity. Its locally based software did not reflect the real-time inventory and the sales status which complicated Pawnshops’ customer relations and financial performance. Desktop-based software was updating manually by Program Specialist in the end of the month. This old system made the process complicated for the client, when two or more pawnshops started to sell mutual stocks or accept inventory simultaneously.

The solution:

Atilogsoft’s web-based solution proposal moved Pawnshops’ operations and staff to real-time integrated networking where all employees can successfully perform sales, acquisitions, manage and control inventory and track clients, all from a centralized location. Atilogsoft’ s software solution not only automated the business performance but also simplified and streamlined the process for the staff as well.
Now all employees can work in one place – on the web-site with built-in CRM, incorporation loss prevention tool and virtual storehouse. They can see registration of sale and get notifications when pawned item is ready for sale.
New system has extended search opportunities, registers all purchases, pawns, re-pawns, redeems, and notifies expiration date. It also includes virtual cash box, accounting and taxation forms and built-in tutorial.

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