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HamsterCoin is a company dealing with a specific crypto product called a token – or, to be more exact, a meme coin based on BSC Network. It was already planned to extend the number of platforms available for it, as this token managed to show its high security and power. The main challenge faced by the company was to completely change the concept, which means redesigning a landing one-page announcement site. After the debates concerning visualization and the target audience survey, the final solution was to create a token as an illustrated hero whose main task is to fight for the community.

Our approach:

    We started with defining the advantages of a meme coin compared to other types, such as high volatility and, as a result, possible explosive growth. Next, we spent effort researching a target audience and paid extreme attention to the token representation.

    For this purpose, it was important to decide whether to use animation or graphic design; all in all, an image of a community hero was created with the help of several specially developed wireframes and the right color palette. Further details and verbal descriptions were added under the close supervision of the customer. Both the front and back parts of the project were designed with taking different user devices into account.

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The solution:

During the process of decision making, we have studied the tokens which already exist occupying the same niche as our product. Having read the white paper carefully, we were able to define the benefits of our token such as being powerful, community-oriented and secured (e. g. 50 percent of the unused tokens are burnt as a self-regulation method).

The landing prototype was thoroughly checked concerning UX, and all the key moments (like a token roadmap, basic product information, its context, technical characteristics as well as the information about where to buy it and how to establish a partnership with influencers) were addressed properly. We made the illustration for the character which was chosen from several art concepts by the customer, and we also paid attention to the fact that many users prefer mobile devices while dealing with the token. Finally, the site was tested and launched successfully marking the beginning of our new product.

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