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  • Logistics portal
    Logistics portal

    We develop B2B portals and other solutions in the field of transport logistics. This is a kind of freelance exchange, where carriers and shippers can find each other. We also have experience in creating mobile applications for this area, with car monitoring and route planning functionality.

  • CRM systems
    CRM systems

    There are many ready-made CRM solutions on the market. But at the same time, they bring a lot of inconvenience to its users: an overabundance of features, the inability of customization, and improper business processes.
    In our company, we create unique solutions for our clients in order to solve a specific set of problems. Nothing redundant, business only.

  • Data visualization
    Data visualization

    Working with data can be tricky. Which one, pine chart, or bar would be better to use for your data, which one has better-designed elements? We try to use a mix of our design experience and ready-made solutions to provide the best possible results. We work with Chart. js, highcharts, D3, three.js, and other solutions, and we also work a lot with maps.

  • E-commerce website
    E-commerce website

    When creating online stores and marketplaces, we use ready-made CMS: Woocommerce and Opencart, including both development using off the shell theme, and projects with a unique design that can reduce development time significantly.

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