Web development

Knowing our strengths and weaknesses we won't take over on every single project. We like complex solutions such as CRM systems and Mobile applications that are actually solving problems. To execute a project at 101% quality we use all the power of JavaScript and our base of proven solutions.

  • Frontend

    We use the most popular libraries for the client side of the website such as React, Vue, Angular. Given the Material UI your website will become more attractive and will have the amazing graphs by virtue of D3 or Chart.js. To make the authentication process easier we will implement Passport to allow users to login via social network accounts. If you have no intention to spend time on the backend – we will apply Contentful to your website.

  • Backend

    For the dark side, we use witchcraft – Node.js. We know the right time to use it and when it’s not. With a sweep of a hand, we create a server on Express/Fastify/Koa, etc. We can keep the data right where it belongs – MongoDB, SQL, Postgre, Elasticsearch, etc. And as a cherry on top, we deploy everything to the AWS cloud or to your server.

  • Mobile development

    Waiting for both iOS and Android applications gets you tired? Let’s make them using React Native or Flutter and you will get 2-for-1 applications. There is nothing else to add, why would you pay twice?


As a result, we provide a fully-functional application with API documentation, manual videos, and a free of charge support for 30 days depending on the project size.

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