Quality assurance

They say there are no projects without bugs, only the untested ones. We try to minimize these issues at all the development stages.

  • Document management

    To be on the same page with our clients we do the groundwork for the project creating business requirements, assigning roles, and test cases based on them.

  • Manual testing

    Instead of performing as many tests as possible, we try to focus on the main issues, efficiently allocate resources of our clients, and keep the balance between maintaining the current functionality and developing new features. Hence we make a list of the maintained devices and systems, keep the record of users count and collect feedback.

  • Automation QA

    Each developer on our team creates unit tests and also end-to-end tests to check the code. On top of that, our QA engineer imitates the user’s work via Selenium.


As a result, we get test cases, bug reports, and a list of autotests mentioning percent test coverage.

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