User experience & Interface

Surprisingly, most people have no idea that UX and UI are completely different things. Usually, by UX/UI they mean creating an interface. In our company, we use different UX methodologies to create a better user experience and as a result, we get more progressive design.

  • UX

    In our practice we use several main methods to work with User experience: A Personas method, Value Proposition Canvas, creating Use cases, and also Prototyping.

  • UI

    Given the UX methodologies above, we strive to create an appropriate design targeting our audience, application area, and the existing users’ behavior patterns in the field. With that in mind, our designs not only look attractive but also fulfill the desired functional requirements.


As a result, we get a documentation package that depends on UX and BA methodologies applied, mockups in Figma, a pack of icons in SVG and additional graphics elements if necessary, and also our recommendations and instructions for design implementation.

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