Bussiness analysis

Any project may fail at the project concept stage. In order to prevent this from happening, you need a correct approach when perform planning: come up with an original idea, assess market opportunities, and correctly compose requirements. We are standing poised to create projects starting with the basic idea, finalizing, and improving it to commercial implementation.

  • Concept

    According to statistics, the first attempt at creating a project in an industry never becomes successful as you can only create something truly unique if you explore the advantages and disadvantages of the existing projects. If you are ready to create your own project but the idea is the only thing you have — we will help you turn it into a working business.

  • Competitors analisis

    Imagine that you have released a product that is absolutely similar to the product of a competitor who already owns 80% of the customer base. Do you think such a product will be successful? To avoid such errors, you should perform a market analysis in advance. It’s much cheaper to redefine the vision of a product before development begins. To achieve that, we use SWOT analysis and traffic analysis through Serpstat.

  • Bussiness strategy modeling

    A proper business strategy is a key to financial payback on any project. What do you choose for your product: subscription work or one-time sale, free to play model, or payback through advertising. And if you use it all together, will your financial performance rise or fall? If your developer has not asked you these questions, are you sure that he is interested in the success of your product? We are definitely interested!


As a final result, we deliver a full package of documentation. Usually, it includes specification, SWOT analysis, prototypes, sitemap, or application map. Having this arsenal in your pocket you will be ready to start developing your project.

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