Web & Mobile design

Graphic design is one of our prime areas. Our expertise covers developing logos for your business, creating unique design starting from landing pages, and up to mobile applications of any complexity.

  • Requirements gathering

    At this stage, we conduct a small survey of our clients to get a better picture of their requirements and preferences.

    We bypass such abstract questions as: “What emotions should your design conjure?”. Everybody can have their own associations with any design which makes such surveys useless.

  • Mockup

    Different people enjoy different things, design is no exception. This is why we try to work with like-minded clients, that’s why we provide 1 free of charge mockup to understand if our concept matches your vision.

  • Estimation

    Then we provide a min/max estimation based on the website pages list or the screen count of an application. Hence even working on an hourly basis, a client can estimate the final price for the project.


As a result, we get Mockups in Figma, for the web application we provide the design for desktop and mobile versions. As an additional service we can provide design options for other devices/platforms. On top of that, we are ready to maintain the project all the way long and add necessary pages according to the functionality development. And they all going to be in the same Figma file which allows to bypass adding new styles and to save the design consistency

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