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Semodu offers their customers:

    • reliable modular concepts
    • fast project development with consistently high quality
    • adopting building equipment to fit every budget
    • only proven services of experienced planners and developers
    • creativity and functionality in small apartments planning
    • eco-friendly solutions for different living needs
    • affordable price for all groups of people
    • independent energy concept which can be integrated into sound-proof walls
    • quick payback of the project
    • functional and minimalistic floors planning without any excessive components
    • increasing flexibility for future use with modular concepts
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The solution:

We conducted a business analysis, created user scenarios and worked with the project structure to increase the level of interaction with the website.
New website shows all advantages of modular house building over common constructions and attracts customers’ attention to new technologies and it’s benefits. We also took in consideration people’s concerns about unpredictable extra expenses in building projects, so we prepared a diagram to outline the expenses in empirical numbers.
We share with our clients the idea that a comfortable life shouldn’t be a privilege only for few people even more so now that prices in all segments of real estate market are getting higher. Semodu can offer reliable and affordable housing for families, students or retired people.
We show all advantages of the modular concept, which is acceptable for any landscape. Semodu can also combine different types of usages even inside one building.
We draw attention to the fact that Semodu products are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Their modular houses are very efficient with a quick payback making it possible to lower the rent or the buying price.

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