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Schulz is an international manufacturer and seller of brewing equipment. Its operations started in 1998 as a reseller and servicer of foreign produced breweries. The company’s business eventually evolved into the manufacturing of breweries thus enabling its expansion and presence in multiple foreign markets such as Russia, Europe, Asia and North America.

Our approach:

    Schulz has established itself as a serious resource for the brewing industry whether in helping people start their brewing ventures or in the preservation of brewing traditions and techniques while adhering to strict standards to conform to European acknowledgment and certification. Honesty, professionalism, partnership and reliability are the company’s founder’s motto. What sets Schulz apart from other competitors is the after-sale relation with the client that reaches beyond the material acquisition needs of the customers but to also include personnel training and brewing culture development.

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The solution:

By organizing and tidying the visual presentation of information and facts about the company and its products starting with color schemes corresponding to the brewing traditions and blocks designs that simplified access to users and researchers, we were able to present the company and its services in a clearer more concise approach. We enabled the site visitor to enjoy ease and independence in navigation and fact searching to fit his needs whether the user is an individual connoisseur or a business. Either way, this unique experience begins with a click of a button delving the user into experimenting the essence of time and the historical stages of the brewing industry and its evolvement notwithstanding the choice of equipment and the detailed needed steps for a successful brewing experience

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