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SoftLoft is an e-Commerce IT company which due to its ever-changing technology stack and prospective clients’ profiles required us to recommend, create and implement a complete image overhaul project.

Our approach:

    • The body of the website was also restructured.
    • The Main Page allowed more streamlined priorities while accentuating popular services in single blocks using graphics and animations.
    • Such redesign provided visually cleaner and more recognizable features.
    • The “About Us” page while introducing the partners, offered a look at the company’s advantages and distinctive features.
    • The Portfolio and Services pages simplified the clients’ selection process as well as the browsing process of the many available technology stacks to suit their needs.
    • The browsing and selection process was made easier by the listing of detailed descriptions of projects while graphs and links offered access to sub-services in a clean, concise and comprehensive manner to the user.
    • For the Mobile version, each component was addressed separately hence making the mobile application of substantial efficiency and adaptability to all modern devices.
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The solution:

We began with the complete redesign of the logo and to stay true to the association of Softloft with its main technology Magento, we decided to select the Sunset Orange shade as a consonant with the orange spectrum. In our preservation of the Softloft’s identity uniqueness, this color shade became the basis for the whole corporate image design. The logo design proved to be an extensive activity of 40 different versions to include competitors analysis, designation and combination of multiple concepts. The graphic element utilized not only made the logo easily recognizable but also provided for a higher adaptability across all merchandising products (website-business cards-banners).

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Logo creation

We began our work by forming the colour set. Since Softloft’s main technology is Magento, whose corporate colour is orange, it was important to move off from blue, but to preserve uniqueness at the same time. Therefore, we chose a colour that would be consonant with the orange spectrum. It turned out to be the shade of Sunset Orange. This soft and saturated colour became the basis for the whole design.
By adding a graphic element we made our logo recognizable. It is highly adaptable and fits for all kinds of merchandising products, including not only the website, but also business cards and banners.

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