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TorWod was created as an application to provide in-home sports training exercises. All training routines were created by experienced training professionals and are adaptable to capture a wider audience. The purpose of the application is to provide users with a quicker and easier access to these fitness programs from their own devices.

Our approach

    • The streamlined use of the application starts with the registration process followed by the plan selection that suits the member’s needs.
    • The user has total control in selecting what is suitable for his training program needs. The trainers were given the capability to add and/or edit all training materials.
    • The trainer can add and edit videos through the admin panel.
    • The trainer can manage additional training programmes.
    • In the future, we plan the possibility of individual training and creating new trainers accounts.
    • The user has the option to share his results.
    • The application has a feedback section where every new user can read about other people’s experience and successes.
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The solution

Other important features of the application is the Plan selection and most importantly the availability and access of feedback and discussions with the personal trainers through uploading of data as well as sharing experiences with other members.

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  • Creative 1

    The application design style represented strength, power and portability without aggressiveness. That’s why it has black color as base with red and blue accents on it. One page format significantly reduces the time to find the necessary information. We made this application cozier and user-friendly for both trainees and coaches by applying a minimalistic design and an intuitive interface.

  • Creative 2

    The application also allows for a 7-day free trial version. The step-by-step instructions presented by an Olympic champion allow for customization and personalization of the training program in reaching the trainee’s desired goals while keeping “the plan rational, safe, meaningful and most importantly “Enjoyable”. “A training program is just a map, but the journey is up to you” says Aleksey Torokhtiy, Head Coach.

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